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Dining at The Duke Of Wellington Inn well and truly is an experience worth remembering. The hotel is set in the beautiful countryside basically surrounding the whole building. The service was excellent, the food was delicious and even the plates were hot! I loved the whole experience and trust me if I was rich enough I would be dining there everyday of the week. Anyway let’s move onto the food cause we all know that’s why your here today!




They didn’t have any vegan options on the menu which is what I have come to find when you come to a restaurant that isn’t included in a chain of restaurants like Pizza Express however the chef and waitress was amazing at catering for my needs. He cooked up this delicious couscous dish with herbs and peppers which tasted delicious with a side dish of onion rings. Possibly the best thing I have tried in a long time!! For pudding, I had a selection of sorbets which included lemon, orange and a blackcurrant and rhubarb flavour. They all tasted delicious especially the blackcurrant and rhubarb flavour. Overall I was amazed with the service and the hotel as a whole.

Have you been to The Duke of Wellington Inn yet? What’s your thoughts?