In case you don’t follow me on Twitter, which you should, I went down to London the other week for a little bit of a break and to see my best friends, I thought I would share with you some of the photos I took while being down there. I didn’t really use my camera as I was amazed by my phone quality.

PicMonkey Collage

1. It all started with an extremely long journey followed by the train from London. I have almost forgot what it was like to do it nearly every month but I kept myself occupied through reading various magazines, blogs and listening to Spotify.

2. When I arrived at my friend’s house I was shown where everything was. The bathroom was amazing but it had one of those tub baths much like the one in The Holiday. I massive shoutout to Amy for reminding me about it!

3. Sabrina and I went to see Insidious 3 for free because she works there. (#odeonemployeeperks)

4. Epsom Organico has some of the post amazing juices and smoothies! If your ever in the area, I recommend you try it plus all their cakes are vegan.

5. An improvised vase using an empty Green Tea bottle for a fake flower.

6. Explored London with two amazing friends that also double up as tour guides, thanks girls!

7. Lush Oxford Street was always going to happen. Their lipsticks are amazing and I wish I picked one up in my haul. You can read part one here.

8. The interior at Lush Oxford Street was amazing and so creative!

9. Until next time London…

Have you ever been to London? Where should I visit next?