Having the whole day in London and plenty of time to explore was an exciting aspect to me but certainly taking me out of my comfort zone. I have dreamt about it for a while now so last week was my chance to experience the real thing.

We got off at Westminster tube station and was greeted by a lovely view of the London Eye and the Aquarium. It was lovely to see something which I have wanted to see my whole life and felt a bit unreal. I felt like a complete tourist taking pictures left, right and centre. We walked along the Victoria Embankment and saw a lot of memorials. This one is the Royal Air Force Memorial which was dedicated to the casualties of the RAF in World War One. We walked past Cleopatra’s Needle up to Westminster Bridge. Although it was extremely windy and cold walking over the bridge, I couldn’t help but to take a picture of the views of the London Eye and Big Ben. I loved this piece of artwork which we spotted once we crossed over the bridge. We walked along South Bank where the Festival of Love was taking place. You can read a bit more about it here. I am going to end today with this lovely photo of Big Ben.

Part 1: Arriving in London

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