I can’t believe that I have been renting my little studio flat for six months. Doesn’t time fly by? There’s nothing that I love more than spending the evenings cosied up in my little nook watching a good TV series or writing blog posts on my laptop. I’ve even dipped my hands into cooking, well attempting to cook, delicious meals.

Whether you’ve just moved into your new home or a rented property, I think it’s important to add a couple of little touches to make a house/flat your home. If you are looking to rent a property, I highly recommend heading over to HomeLet for some great advice and tips about renting. It has really helped me whilst I have been looking at renting a bigger place to move into.

I mentioned it last week in my monthly gratitude list but flowers just add the finishing touch to any little space. I don’t think I can have my little coffee table without a vase of flowers on nowadays. Obviously, it’s great for Instagram backgrounds but also making your home feel a lot more you. At the moment, I have a lovely bouquet of yellow and white flowers which makes me feel as though I’ve just stepped in Spring and Summer ever time I walk into my flat.

There is just something about adding candles and fairy lights around the flat that make it look more homely. You have such an amazing choice of candles to choose from including Wilko’s affordable range, Harper Candles that smell amazing and you can even pick up some really good offers in the Yankee Candle sale. It’s the same with fairy lights too. They are so affordable but create such a lovely and calming atmosphere when you are wanting to relax. I’m lucky enough to be in a flat with plenty of natural lighting but it makes your flat look super cosy when you have a range of fairy lights create an ambience in a room.

Finally, I need to have some form of soft furnishings all over my flat. I’m so in love with having many blankets and cushions around my tiny little flat. I was kindly gifted this one on my sofa for my birthday last year and it just adds a little bit of colour to my room. I also have at least one but more than likely two on the end of my bed. Cushions are another thing that make my little space feel more personal. My sister gifted this one with pictures of Noel on which was just so cute. I think the different textures just mix it up and makes the whole flat feel a lot more homely and personal to you. In addition, it makes for saving money on heating too!

What little things do you do to make your house a home? Is there anything I should look into adding to my little space?

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