A lot of the time I find it hard to save money and budget. Perhaps all students are like this. One of my goals for this year is to get myself out of debt and to try and save some money to do things which I really want to do like going on holiday and buying my dream MacBook. Today, I am sharing with you some ideas which I will be saving money this year.

Staying In Is The New Going Out – I used to go out to different restaurants rather than staying in however this is the new norm! You can easily find recipes online now and when you look at the price which you would spend on going out then you realise cooking is probably cheaper after all. Instead of buying your lunch from the university cafe just simply make something at home and bring it in with you.

Check Your Bank Balance Daily – I check my balance at least once everyday. This stops me from spending money on unwanted things and makes me really think that perhaps I haven’t got the money to do a particular thing. I use my mobile banking app which is really easy to set up and nearly every bank has one. I use Barclay’s and personally I find it so easy and quick.

Don’t Be Afraid To Ask For Help – I completely understand what your going through, trust me! But you don’t want to get all embarrassed and ask your parents for help, right?! Well, did you know that most universities have financial support who offer advice about anything to do with money even if it is something simple like budgeting.

Look At Your Outgoings and Income – Work out exactly how much you have for a week or a month and then you can budget your lifestyle around that. It might be a difficult task especially when your not one for being organised but it will work if you can get your head around it. Look out your priorities and then you can see what you have left to spend whether that’s treating yourself to that lovely new dress or that brand new Urban Decay collection which they brought out recently.

Part Time Is A Must – I don’t know where I would be if I didn’t have a job as well as studying for a degree. It just gives you that extra little bit of money which you might need to buy your weekly shopping in. You could do what I do and put the money from working into a savings account so that it’s there when your money is running low. Just make sure you are not working yourself to hard as that is when the problems start crawling in. They usually suggest having a job which is between 16-20 hours a week before it begins to effect university work.

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