The July Journal

This week I managed to join in the #thegirlgang chat that is hosted from 6pm on Monday’s over on Twitter and I’m so glad that I did. Not only has it been the kick up the backside that I was looking for to feel inspired and motivated with blogging again but it has made me take a look at the goals that I created at the beginning of the year. You can read them here if your interested. If you follow me on Twitter then you will know that I have been feeling rather lost and ever so slightly losing control of what is going on around me and to be honest it has made me feel so low and upset that I don’t know what to do with myself on a daily basis. I have days when I am happy. I have days where I could just sit and cry for hours about nothing. I suppose that’s life though, ain’t it?! Anyway enough with the complaining because I want my little corner of the internet to be a happy place for you to come. I thought it would be useful to reset my goals for this year. To have a fresh list of ideas and plans that I could reflect back on at the end of the year because a lot of things have changed since the beginning of the year. Here it goes:

Combating Anxiety – This is such a big one for me especially at the time of writing this. I have steps in place to start CBT sessions and I can honestly say I’m so nervous. I am currently taking tablets to help my anxiety and for now they are giving me much more energy but I can’t see much change in anything else. I have started listening to ASMR videos at night which has been so relaxing and comforting to fall asleep too.

Growing My Social Media Numbers – I have always been the type of blogger who has preached and supported the ‘it’s not about the numbers‘ saying but it’s always nice to see your followers and readership grow, right? At the start of the year I said that I wanted to try and reach 500 followers on both Instagram and Bloglovin’, 1,600 followers on Twitter and to create content that you enjoy reading and crave more off. This year, I have managed to surpass all my social media goals already and feel confident enough to push my blog and social media channels to the next step. Ideally I want to reach 600 on Instagram and Bloglovin’ and 1,700 on Twitter by the end of this year and I believe if I work hard, I’ll be able to do so. Who’s going to help me?

Concentrate On Producing Good Quality Content – I feel as though I have been researching the information I post further before publishing my posts and I really hope this has shown from you reading my blog. Luckily for me, Edd has treated me to a new lens as an extremely early birthday present that I am going to enjoy experimenting with. I have decreased my content to three times a week so that I could produce more good quality written content and for now it’s working out quite well for me. I feel less pressured about he quantity that I am putting out and feel as though I have more time to support other bloggers and look after my social media instead of stressing about no posts going up on the days I said I would have one done. I have been able to spend more time drafting my posts and experimenting with photography too. I think this has played a big part in finding my love for blogging again too.

In reflection to the post I wrote at the start of the year; I said I was going to take care of my second blog which is irrelevant now because I have left university. This is probably another contributing factor that has enabled me to put more time into this little space I have here. After finally getting the go ahead from my doctor, I have started to transition back to veganism and have been eating a lot  healthier than I did at the end of last year. I really want to give up dairy for good but at the moment I’m just finding it so hard to do. If you have any tips that would be brilliant!

Finally, I just wanted to end this post by saying that goals change – some quicker than others but the important thing is that you keep yourself going. Try and stay positive not matter what life throws at you. Just because something hasn’t worked out doesn’t mean that everything else will fall back too. I think writing this post has helped me realise that I have accomplished something this year even if it is only small steps to make me feel happier which, at the end of the day is the most important thing in all of this.

Are you the type of person to make goals throughout the year too? What do you want to achieve in the next following weeks? Let me know your goals and we can all support each other!

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