The other week, I was given the opportunity to visit Katje’s Magic Candy Factory at Intu Metrocentre, Gateshead to see the launch of their new 3D gummy candy printer. Of course, after receiving the email I was super excited to hear what it was all about as I have never hear of anything like it.

All the gummies that come out of the machine are vegan, gluten free and dairy free which is just one factor that makes the machine so unique. I definitely have a huge sweet tooth and I am a massive chocolate lover so this was definitely a good selling point to have me on board.

The 3D machine is so unique; connected up with iPads, you can pick from 100s of ready made shapes and designs including Christmas trees, stars, animals and flowers, upload a selfie or use an image that you already have on your phone. You then choose from a range of flavours including strawberry, blackcurrant, lemon and tropical blue which was made with pineapple and pomegranate. All of the gummies are made with vegetable gelling agents, natural fruits and vegetable extracts. The final step is to add any magical touches – glittery, fizzy or sour. Once this was done, you simply stand and watch your creation come to life. It was so fascinating and clever to be able to see the machine create your design!

The sweets themselves were delicious and didn’t taste artificial like some sweets such as Haribo, which also contain pork gelatine. My favourite flavour was definitely Elderflower because it was so different to anything I have had before. Other than the gummy candy machine, they have a range of sweets available to make gift bags or jars of sweets which would make a perfect gift for Christmas. These can also be refilled once the sweets have all been eaten. Each of the sweets have their own little stories printed onto the containers that they are stored in which I thought was so unique.

At the event, they offered flavoured cupcakes and shown us the different shapes that the 3D gummy candy machine can make and I was honestly speechless. I had the chance to meet Melissa Snover who was the founder of the company and she told us how she came up with the idea for the company and where she gets all the ideas from. It was nice to listen to someone so passionate and inspiring about their work.

Overall, I really enjoyed the event. Although it was a drop-in event, the staff were really helpful and answered any questions that I had. Other bloggers had young children who were amused with the machine and it was so nice to see a smile on their faces as they saw their creations come to life. I was really impressed with the concept of the machine and how much you can create just from an idea. Their products are really affordable which is brilliant for anyone on a budget.

What 3D candy would you make?

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