With Mother’s Day coming up later this month, its time to start thinking about how you are going to be treating that one special lady who has taught you all the sassiest things you know. This could be with a Spa treatment, taking her for a nice family meal or better yet have a chilled evening at home with some girly movies and a bottle of wine or two. Whatever you decide, a Lush bath will more than likely fit nicely in the day somewhere and what better way than to mark the occasion by using one of the new Lush Mother’s Day Collection bath products.



For me this was just another reason to pull out that bank card and spend a few more pennies. The first product I noticed was the Ultraviolet bubble bar probably down to the amazing colours swirling together but also due to the sweet parma violet scent.I found the scent to be rather uplifting and energetic rather than relaxing but I think it was this which made me love it even more. Another bubble bar I picked up was Rose which is full of Cocoa Butter and Rose Absolute to help soften and soothe the skin. I think this will be perfect you know she has sensitive skin and still wants to try something new.



The other two bubble bars I picked up were Mother Superior and Bubblegrub. They are almost too cute to use however with both of them being inexpensive you could afford to pop in and treat yourself if they run out. First up is Bubblegrub the cute little caterpillar. He will help create a blanket of shimmering, creamy bubbles to indulge into with a glass of wine or box of chocolates. He is full of Cocoa Butter to help soften and nourish the skin. On the other hand, Mother Superior is more floral scented. It has Mimosa Absolute to help calm and relieve anxiety as well as cleanse the skin.


Now who doesn’t love a parma violet, lilac toned mixture of goodness in a bottle to smoother all over your body when you have ten minutes of alone time in the shower?! Yummy Mummy is the product you will be looking for. I have already went through one of the tiny bottles of this and have since been back for the bigger bottle. The Carrageenan Extract acts as a moisturising agent whereas the Brazilian Orange Oil provides the uplifting and refreshing feel. Even though the shower gels can be a bit overpriced, I love how moisturising and soft they leave my skin feeling. And don’t forget the amazing scents which last too. They have the Yummy Mummy Body Conditioner to pair with this but was far too expensive for someone on a student budget like me however that also smells good to!

What do you think of the Mother’s Day Collection? Any treats which you fancy trying out yourself? Let me know which is your favourite!