On Friday, Lush lovers we anxiously waiting on the net to make their first orders for the new Valentine’s Day collection. As a treat for finally finishing my first semester, I thought why not buy a couple of items from the collection and at the end of the day they won’t be there for long! I decided to pick up the Love Locket, Lonely Heart, Unicorn Horn, Heart Throb, Prince Charming Shower Gel and The Kiss Lip Scrub (can you tell the student loans have entered the bank account!).
The Unicorn Horn is a bubble bar packed with ingredients aimed to help you relax including lavender oil and ylang ylang. Alex, the sales assistant who helped me chose some treats, shown me a demonstration of the bubble bar and I like how the bath water turns a lovely pastel colour with sparkles and colourful stars. Heart Throb is another bubble bar which I picked up with ingredients like shea butter to help moisturise and soften the skin and vanilla absolute to help you feel calm and relaxed.
Lonely Heart is very much like Sparkly Pumpkin and Sunnyside with the aim to perk you up whilst still keeping your skin soft. The bubble bar contains lemongrass which uplifts and awakens the skin as well as jasmine absolute and ylang ylang. I really like these type of bubble bars and personally in love with the gold glitter effect.
Now if you know me then you should know that I love the Bubblegum Lip Scrub and swear by the stuff in order to keep those dry lips at bay. When I found out that The Kiss Lip Scrub has edible red hears (cuteness alert!) and hundreds and thousands in, well I just had to pick this up. It is basically like sweets in a mini tub to make those lips kissable – what more could you ask for really?!
If your looking for your Prince Charming this year then look no further. The oh so famous shower gel is back jam packed with marshamllow root, vanilla absolute and pomergrante juice – this little gem is bound to sweep you off your free. It leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth as well as leaving you smelling delicious .
And last but not least is one of my personal favourites, Love Locket can be split into three baths or you could use it once for an extra special treat. Once you open your heart (get it?!) you will find a smaller heart bath bomb hidden inside. I like how this one has red hearts in and confetti of pink hearts too.

I also got given a sample of the new Cupid’s Love* soap which is brilliant for uplifting you in the mornings your feeling a bit poopy. It contains fresh figs, passion fruit juice and soya yogurt to help nourish and soften the skin.

What Lush products will you be picking up from the Valentine’s collection?