I had so many exciting plans for my blog come December and they’ve all been swept into the chimney, note the Mary Poppins reference. I am actually quite upset but I need to stop being hard on myself. I did have an infection after a huge operation and my main priority was not getting behind on my University work. I’ve had some time with my sister and nephews which has been lovely and I’ve spent the weekend watching Mary Poppins and an array of Christmas films as well as on munching away at a Terry’s Chocolate Orange cause why the hell not?!

I hope you’ve all had a lovely December never the less. What have you all been up to? I’ve managed to finish all my Christmas shopping and have them ready and wrapped. I’ve saw Mary Poppins Returns which was so nostalgic and a really good sing along. Anyway, I thought I would have a bit of a ramble in this post to make up of the lack of blogging recently and include some of the things that I’ve wanted to talk about this month.

One of the posts that I was going to put up was a gift guide on small businesses but I thought I would share with you a couple of places in this post instead, shout out to all you northern birds still needing presents because this one is definitely for you. The Stack in Newcastle is home to some amazing businesses including: For The Love Of North where I managed to pick up some classic music coasters of when artists like Queen first played in Newcastle, Beer Box which brews and sells unique beer – great gift for any beer lovers out there, Uncaptive Ethical Clothing that sells bamboo socks as requested from a family member and Lollybomb that has a great selection of Bomb Cosmetic bath bombs and other such products. I have tried to source most of my gifts for family and friends from small or local businesses this year which I am super proud of.

I have tried to stick to a bit of a budget this year and shopping locally has really helped me. I’ve also took advantage of a couple of deals in Boots and my staff discount. I definitely think writing down everything in a little notebook including the price on what you’ve bought can really help you stick to a budget. I usually spend a fortune on presents because I want to treat everyone and see them happy however compared to previous years I have saved myself about £200 and still brought gifts that I am happy with and know they will love. It’s just about being fruitful with money and picking up those offers.

At the start of December I treated myself to a potted Christmas Tree for my room. I did actually buy a star to put on top but it was so heavy that the branch kept bending so my Christmas Tree topper is this cool but festive retro robot. Secretly, I think it is much better anyway. Also you should count yourself lucky because my bedroom hasn’t looked this tidy in weeks but I thought I would tidy it up a little bit especially to take some photos of my festive room. It’s cute and I am slightly in love.

I’m going to try and get myself back in the swing of blogging (she says for the millionth time) but I miss regular posting over on my little corner of the internet. I promise I will get better soon. I just need to find a way to plan my time a bit better with University work and deadlines.

Did you get up to much this weekend? If you do happen to be doing that last minute Christmas shopping, don’t forget to be kind to retail workers. They are just doing their job after all! I hope you all have a lovely Christmas with family and friends. I’ll see you soon…

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