Over the past week I have been working really hard on my blog. As you can see it has kind of all started with a new design which I hope you are liking. I thought it was about time that I sat and write about what’s happening over on this corner of the internet. Introducing ‘July Journal 2.0‘…

It seems like moving to a new area and, finally, settling into a new lifestyle has given me a bit of a ‘get up and stay organised’ attitude. I’m settling in well with my college course which I am really enjoying by the way and I’m so happy that I have stopped feeling anxious about a lot of little things – that’s all down to moving I think. I’m slowly starting to get used to living on my own but do struggle some nights.

Oh and I have also won a Prince’s Trust award recently which you will hear more information about in another few weeks. It’s all kind of just gave me the inspiration to get back into blogging regularly again but this time I want to take the July Journal seriously. No more messing around and thinking that I am no good.

I wanted something new and clean. Something that feels more personal to me but also somewhere my readers could come and feel as though they are talking to their best friend or sister. I wanted something for you guys to navigate around these parts a little easier. Obviously, I had Phil from Pipdig to help me choose a new layout and Alice has been amazing and designed a new header for me – it’s beautiful isn’t it?!

I hope my blog website continues to blossom as I attempt to build up my ever growing photography and writing skills. I’m going to try and post every Wednesday and Sunday so that I can concentrate on the quality of my posts rather than the quantity that is on my website. If there’s anything you particularly want to see, don’t hesitate to contact me across social media channels.

Oh, I might even have a little something up my sleeve for my YouTube channel too but don’t hold me to that one.

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