January has been full of mixed emotions. I’ve cried and laughed my way through it. It’s been life changing but thankfully I’m so happy to see the back of it. I thought I would just write up a couple of good things that happened, mainly for me to look back on, but you know how much I like to inject that positivity over here.

Photography by Megan Scott

The first half of the month started off with a lot of stressful moments and a deadline. For those not following my university journey on social media, I was set with the task of collaborating Urban Outfitters with another prospective brand, artist, musician etc. I decided to chose Sighh because I’ve loved the work that Polly has done for ages. It turns out that decision not only gave me a final grade of 78% which is a distinction but also a job with Polly. So that brings me nicely onto the next bit of big news…

Polly, who is such a lovely, thoughtful and caring person, mentioned she wanted to hire someone for ages to help her with Sighh and after volunteering for her, she offered me a job. I basically help pack orders and prep her items. It’s giving me different skills to learn as well as work and learn from someone amazing and creative. I’ve been on the search for a new job ever since the Summer so I’m so super grateful to be given this opportunity.

I went and seen The 1975 in Manchester with one of my best friends. It was nice to catch up with Dora because I haven’t seen her since I moved back to Newcastle. We went to Bab for dinner and The Cosy Club for breakfast so it was a good trip for food. The 1975 were fab and I highly recommend seeing them live whenever you get a chance too. Their shows are always so energetic and engaging!

Other socialising has included catch ups with my good friends Alice and Becca. They are both amazing girls who provide me with lots of wisdom, advice and laughter whenever we meet up. I tried Pizza Punks which was delicious and we dragged Polly out for a 4hr chat and gossip at Pink Lane last week too. January was the month that I realised how much they actually mean to me and I’m so grateful to have all three of them in my life.

I finished my part time photography course and made the executive decision to start the level 3 later this month. I’ve fallen back in love with photography which I never thought would happen but it has. I just want to carry my camera everywhere at the moment and take photos of everything. If anyone is from the North East and ever fancy some photos, feel free to DM me on socials.

It’s been a good month for films too. The Upside was such an amazing and inspiring film whilst Second Act was just funny and such a feel good film.

January has also been the month that someone rather special ran into my life. I don’t really want to post much about him on here but things are going for good now and I’m excited to see where it goes. We’ve planned a couple of days away next week which I’m excited for. Like I say I’m just keeping it private for now cause every time I publicise a relationship on social media it just goes tits up and I don’t want that. Not this time.

How’s your January been? I would love if you could put one good thing that has happened to you in the comments. Let me know if you like this kind of thing and I’ll try and do one for each month.

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