Do you know when that brand brings out a limited edition product every year and then it disappears and you don’t know whether it will be hitting the shelves again in the following year, however, you continue to love it and use it even during the other seasons? Well for me, Snow Fairy will always hold a special place in my heart. Although I know by now that this one will not be disappearing anytime soon.

Yes, Snow Fairy is the most anticipated Christmas product that Lush sells but I didn’t really get the hype until a few years ago when I tried the shower gel. Since then, it has become its own personality trait within the Lush Christmas collection with a body spray, bubble bar, bath bombs, soap and a lip scrub.

If you’re not a one for sweet, candy scents then unfortunately your not going to like it, however, for me I LOVE it! The shower gel leaves my skin feeling soft and nourished whilst the formula has little particles of shiny blue glitter, perfect for this time of year. Whether I am using the shower gel, body spray or soap – the scent lingers on my body all day.

Are you a fan of Snow Fairy? What is your favourite Lush scent?

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