Hello everyone!

Today I thought I could share with you a couple of non personal snapshots from yesterday. I hope you all had an amazing day with family and friends because I know I did.

On the morning, we opened our stockings and generally had some nice time eating chocolate biscuits and checking out our gifts. Phill and I exchanged gifts (mine will be shown in a post tomorrow) and I got Phill a selection of gifts including the Beauty And The Beast DVD, a Nikon Coolpix L29 and a photo of us both from my birthday. After tucking into our starters, Phill, Emilee, Luke and myself took a stroll with the dogs along the coast and opened our Christmas presents from everyone when we got back. The dinner was super delicious, again will be talked about in another post and all in all, we really enjoyed the day. So, today I am spending some qct also known as quality couple time snuggled up with Phill in my new blanket watching Disney classics before heading off for my second Christmas with father bear. Do enjoy the sales if your brave enough to attend however I don’t need anything more cause I already have everything I need.