Blogging and I have a relationship much described as a rollercoaster. It has those moments where I feel super confident and proud of what I have achieved and then those times where I don’t feel as good as anyone else within the community. I’m not the best photographer or writer out there however I enjoy blogging and that’s what I need to remember. I’m not a competitive person although I do feel guilty when I haven’t stuck to my schedule. I enjoy just sailing through life without a care in the world and that’s why I find it difficult to motivate myself when it comes to writing sometimes but at the same time I feel as though I need to be organised all the time.

I’ve took an unintentional break but I am back now and I just thought it’s about time I filled you in on a couple of things.

The past couple of months have been hectic. March was filled with house things and adjusting to being back home. I had transferred stores and had a whole new team to connect with. I still don’t feel fully myself yet but I’m getting there slowly but surely. The good thing is…I PASSED MY PROBATION! This probably doesn’t mean a lot to some of you but the last retail job I had my manager wasn’t particularly that supportive and my confidence within the retail sector was below 0% so having worked at New Look for four months now I feel so much more confident.

And on the news of adult life things like my job, I decided to start learning how to drive again. I’ve spent many evenings and early morning revising on numerous Learning To Drive apps for my theory. I’ve decided to take lessons in an automatic car as I previously struggled with the clutch, accelerate and break. There is just too many things for my dyslexic brain to handle. I’ll be starting my lessons as the beginning of May with the goal of passing my test by the end of this year. I’m so excited to be able to actually drive at the end of it all and being able to drive to places without relying on public transport all the time.

The next elephant in the room to address is my relationship status. In a recent post, I talked about a break up with Mark but I think what we really needed was a bit of a break. After a week or two of hardly speaking to each other we started texting and having long night Skype sessions again, just like the old days. He came for a couple of days and we decided to give our relationship another go. In the weeks that we didn’t speak I found it super difficult. I suppose anyone would when you’ve known someone for nearly ten years. Right now, I’m as happy as a child on a sugar rush. I can’t imagine my life without Mark in it. The distance is just something that we are going to have to work on in order for us to be together.

Anyway, in short, life is slowly coming together. I feel comfortable being back home and Mark and I are on good terms again, I’m enjoying my job and can’t wait to see where my future lies with New Look, I’m learning how to drive and I have finally came out of my blogging slum.

Here’s to new things!

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