One of the things that I remember from University, especially when studying Social Media, is that I need to be on every social media possible. Personally I don’t think this is true! What someone gets from one social media could be something different for another. For example, I know a lot of people who could sit on Facebook for hours at a time scrolling down their news feed and essentially spying on their friends while others could prefer Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn. It’s all down to personal preference. After my return to the internet (I had a break while my laptop was down), I decided to have a cleanse of all my social media channels and it feels so good!

Filter out the negativity! Social Media is a great way to stay connected to friends and family. This wasn’t as easy a couple of years ago. However following status updates of friends with life problems and offensive views was not putting me in the best of moods. In fact, it made me feel worse than I do on my bad days so I have recently said goodbye to Facebook. Some may see this as a bad thing but honestly I feel so much happier than I did before! I’m not necessarily saying you need to delete Facebook and then you will be happier. I know a lot of people who find Facebook really useful for communicating and promoting their blog or business but it might not be for everyone.

Follow all those who inspire and motivate you. I think this is an important one. As I said earlier, I went down all my social media channels and now I only follow those who inspire me or motivate me the most. I don’t dread going down Bloglovin’ to thousands of unwanted posts to read. I can watch all my YouTube subscriptions that I enjoy and find relaxing. My Twitter and Instagram are full of creative and motivational people instead of just retweets about being a student. I look forward to going down my social media channels daily now because of filtering out the negativity and only following the people who have a positive impact on my life. Just remember, it’s not all about the numbers. Do you really get the most out of your social media by following hundreds or thousands of people and organisations? I know I certainly didn’t! I felt crowded, lost and overwhelmed.

Replace one urge with another! It is safe to say that I am a Twitter addict. I’m obsessed. Just as much as I am with scrolling down Instagram to all the beautiful pictures I see everyday. These have both replaced my urge of logging in to Facebook. If I’m not on Twitter or Instagram then I am reading blogs or actually having the time to pick up a book. Since permanently deleting Facebook, I have actually managed to read #GIRLBOSS by Sophia Amoruso, Not That Kind Of Girl by Lena Dunham and Yes Please by Amy Poehler – all three books were on my reading list and gained some useful knowledge about career and life advice from it rather than letting negativity posted on social media put my mood down.

Social Media isn’t evil. Personally, I think it is quite the opposite. It is amazing for networking and reaching out to/for people. Don’t ever stop using it especially because it has come so far. The networks we use are an extension to ourselves. We promote our blogs and channels over Twitter to get noticed. Employers look at our profiles and want to see us being positive about aspects in our lives. Like I have said many times before “if you don’t say it to your parents, don’t say it online” but at the same time just be yourself.

What do you think about Social Media Cleansing? Do you do it on a regular basis or have you still go your first ever friend on Facebook who talks about how rubbish life is with their three year old? Let me know in the comments or send me a tweet.