Hey guys! It’s certainly been a long time hasn’t it?! I’ve probably just opened WordPress for the first time since February and I feel like I need to update you on so much stuff. Everything feels different and I don’t really know where to begin. I think this is just going to be one of those posts where I just ramble on and there isn’t really going to be much context to it all so if you like that sort of thing that feel free to keep reading. If not, then I’m sorry…

I wanted to include the photo above because I feel as though this Joanie tee is very me. It’s just so arty and creative. PS – Sorry about the messy hair but I live in Northern England which means it is windy, cold and miserable 85% of the time.

I really wanted to blog whilst being a student studying my degree however this year I’ve found juggling both extremely difficult hence why there hasn’t been many posts over on my little corner of the internet. At the end of February, I was diagnosed with depression and if any of you have had it before or dealt with any kind of mental health issue whilst at University then you will probably understand the difficulties that comes with that. For the past couple of months, I have struggled to just keep my head above water. I would reward myself with a little treat if I was able to get myself dressed and manage a full day of being out the house in a week because it meant that I achieved something. I’m receiving help for it at the moment through medication and talking to various people and things are getting better but it’s not fully okay yet. Let’s just say that things are looking a lot more positive and I am super grateful to have the friends that I do have around me. With this being said, I am on the last leg of my first year. By the end of May I would have finished my first year of my Foundation Degree with the hope of getting onto my second (there has been some issues with my tuition fee). I’ve been achieving Distinctions which I just find a miracle in itself but at the same time I am so proud of what I have achieved. The course has been so interesting and I have learnt so many new techniques. I am currently in the process of adding a Portfolio page to my blog so if any of you are interested in what I’ve been getting up to on the course then you will eventually be able to pop along to that.

At the moment I am sitting in the living room rewatching Love Island 2018 waiting for my gym stuff to dry. I’ve found myself an exercise class that I really enjoy going to recently. It’s called Boogie Bounce and they have sessions all over the country. You basically spend 45 minutes jumping on a mini trampoline to some uplifting and motivating songs whilst burning from 500 calories. Last week, I had one of those late night ordering sessions when I woke up in the middle of the night. So tired Yasmina ordered: a portable photo studio box, a Missguided x Playboy tracksuit and about 20 Stranger Things stickers. No judgement is needed, thank you.

Since my last post I’ve not really done much apart from go to London with my course which I very much enjoyed. Harrods is absolutely beautiful and I treated myself to the most gorgeous, illustrative phone case and a teddy bear which I definitely didn’t need. I’ve also met up with Mark whilst in Manchester. We went to the Junkyard Golf Club which has the most amazing retro style cocktails and three really fun crazy golf courses. We played the Bozo course which was full of dark fairgrounds, circus freaks and twisted clowns. Guess who won? I suppose it was beginners luck! *insert sassy girl emoji*

I’ve got a couple of blog posts in my drafts that have been there for months which I’m going to just slowly write up and publish in due course but I would love it so much if you could let me know what you would love to see over on the old blog. Is there anything that you enjoy reading the most? My favourites are posts like these where you can just read someone’s thoughts at the time of writing. I really want to bring back beauty reviews and my fashion posts especially with the warmer weather finally making an appearance. Anyway, I’m going to get back to watching Love Island and have a bit of a catch up on some of my favourite blogs. If you do want to keep up-to-date with my rather boring but sometimes interesting life until the end of May then you are probably best catching me over on Instagram. I post over there quite often nowadays.

How’s everyone been doing? Have you got any Summer plans? I can’t wait to get back into writing on my little space properly again soon. I’ve also got something exciting planned as a little Summer project that is also one of my goals for the year.

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