It feels like yesterday when I opened up my laptop and created The July Journal, my old little corner of the internet where I could ramble on about my favourite bath bombs from Lush and the makeup hauls that I used to buy from Superdrug. I remember feeling so happy when I could buy one of Dorkface’s headers with my college money so that it could feel like a properly designed blog. This was over eight years ago and I’ve had a lot of ups and downs since then. We’ve moved to WordPress. I’ve had periods of time where I have posted a lot and then not at all but after nearly three years not knowing which direction I wanted to take, I’m back.

This little corner of the internet will always be mine. I welcome you, new and old readers to “Yasmina Magdy”, my fresh new blog where I can continue to develop my photography, my writing style and to share my life with you to enjoy. This space will always be the first and last place I want to document things whether that be delicious food, my style, favourites that I come across or just simple life updates about where I am traveling to or visiting.

My blog has been a place where I’ve grown as a person. I’ve developed new skills and become more confident. Nowadays, I believe people don’t tend to read blogs because the industry has become over saturated but that’s not why I started and that is also why I have decided to come back. It isn’t about the numbers, it is about having a place to call your own. A place where you feel comfortable to share your thoughts, to inspire others or to simply escape from all the negativity the online world can bring. I want this to be a space where you can feel comforted and understood but also a space where I can share my passions and interests.

I still believe that blogs are cool. Our opinions are taken seriously now compared to when I first started typing up posts. Before I buy a product, I tend to look at reviews from bloggers to see what their thoughts are. The amount of opportunities are amazing and so exciting. You can use it as a form of advertising and share your link on a CV to get your dream job. There are no rules in what to write or say because you can really make this space yours.

So, I want you to grab your hot chocolate and get cosy. Enjoy clicking through all my content, new and old!

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