Happy New Year! 
Happy New Year. -Lana
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Today’s the first day of 2015. I managed to stay up until midnight which is one of the first. I just had a quiet night in watching the James Bond trilogy with father bear. Yesterday I wrote about my resolutions to do with things which I would like to change and achieve by the end of this year however I didn’t talk much about my blog in that post. I am hoping that this year it will turn a new leaf and will have more exciting times.
I love my little blog on the internet and even though it’s never about the numbers, I am always striving to make this blog better. This year my blog will turn a year old and I think it is now time to step my game up however after posting once, and sometimes even twice, in December I have learnt that with my busy lifestyle there is no way I am going to blog everyday. I have decided that I am going to blog on a Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
Now onto my second point of today. My first love for beauty will be the main feature on here, I will forever show off my obsession with lipsticks and nail polishes. The Sunday Post will still be staying the same with either a lifestyle post or baking treat. However in addition to the above you will, hopefully, being seeing my blogging series named The Beauty Bag – a series starting in February which will be including interviews from other bloggers about their love of beauty. I was also thinking of including some advice posts about dealing with certain problems whether that be money or relationships with the people around you.
Finally, to round this post up I want to say a big thank you for every tweet and comment which I have received since starting my blog and I hope you continue to enjoy reading the content which The July Journal provides. I am so excited for what this year brings and can’t wait to meet some other bloggers along the way.
Please let me know what your thoughts are about The July Journal this year, it would be extremely helpful. I hope 2015 is good to you!