Easter; a time for family, friends and celebrations for most. For others, it involves a 4-day weekend in front of Netflix whilst eating your body weight in chocolate. For me, it’s a fresh start. A new beginning. Why? Because I miss blogging. I miss being apart of such a fabulous community. I miss talking about makeup and beauty. Although I can’t talk about the new collection that Lush has released, still recovering from the operation, there are other things that I want to rave on about starting with these cupcakes that me and Emilee made last time she was here.

As soon as I saw Zoella’s Easter Chocolate Cupcake recipe video, I knew that it was something I wanted to do when she came up for nearly a full week. Noel even tried a taste of the cake and loved it! He kept pointing at them on the plate wanting more. I found the micro eggs in Sainsbury’s but I am sure you could just use one of Cadbury’s Mini Eggs for each nest. They tasted super delicious and I highly recommend making some yourself with all the leftover chocolate.

Yesterday I went for a walk with Millie and Charlie at Warkworth. I don’t know who loved it more; me or them. It gave me a lot of thinking space to decide what direction I want to go in with my blog and how I can be happy with what I am writing. I went and had a lovely meal at Topsey Turvey’s Café and then drove up to Morwick’s Dairy Farm for the best ice cream in the North East. Seriously, it’s definitely worth the hour long drive from Newcastle…

Today, I have had a lovely, relaxing day. I got the most beautiful necklace from my Aunt and some lovely Easter themed mugs to add to my collection. I am sure you will see them both photographed on my Instagram sooner rather than later. I have also been reading Hannah Witton’s new book, Doing It, which is a fantastic read if you want to feel more comfortable talking about sex and relationships with the people around you. I have decided I am going to try and post twice a week on this little space, Wednesdays and Sundays. I hope that is okay with everyone. I would just prefer to spend more time making my posts really good quality rather than posting a lot of content that I am not happy with. I also have a full time job that needs my full concentration to be able to function so unfortunately, I need to wave goodbye to the 3am laptop club where I can catch up on blogs and writing. I do have a couple of blogging events that I want to talk about and then I will probably go back to talking predominately about beauty with a bit of lifestyle thrown in.

I hope you have all had a lovely weekend and a very happy Easter!

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