I can’t actually believe that I’ve managed to keep up blogging for the past two years! I’ve read so many blogs since I discovered Zoella back in 2009. I’ve had my fair share of ups and downs in the blogging world myself for many years and now I have this one. This two year old space that I’ve created and I honestly could not be more proud if I tried!

Happy Birthday July Journal

This little corner of the internet is mine. It’s came along way since my first post. I feel like my photography has improved, my writing style has developed drastically and more important than all of that is it’s my little extension to my life for you to enjoy. I love my little space that I’ve created. It’s full of ups and downs but that’s life for you and I am overwhelmed with the amount of people are so supportive in the blogging world. It has become a place where I can rant on about my love for Lush or the latest films that have came out in the cinema. It has become a place where I can freely talk about issues such as sexuality, break ups, friendships and feeling alone without the judgement from a real life person. I can get excited over the new makeup releases or a delicious cake recipe that I’ve found.

I just wanted to take the opportunity to thank everyone whether that be the amazing people who I’ve met through blogging or the opportunities that I never thought I would have the chance to do. I have learnt new skills and grown my self confidence through writing content on this space regularly. Although my bank balance has not been too happy over the past two years but let’s not go into that. I feel so lucky to be part of an ever-growing community of such lovely, supportive people. There’s always someone to talk to whether that’s on Instagram or Twitter (it really helps when your dealing with insomnia too). I feel comfortable asking questions, asking for advice, ranting about expensive house prices or complaining that the bus is late. I can ramble on about Lush, Harry Potter or Disney without being judged because there is always someone out their who will agree with you, understand you or comfort you.

To all those reading this who haven’t got a blog my advice to you is take the leap and do it. Just start writing. It will honestly be the best thing you’ve done. To all those who are currently blogging; continue inspiring and motivating us to push through our writers block and follow what we enjoy doing best. Keep blogging. Continue doing brilliant things.

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