Firstly I apologise for the lack of no Sunday Post today. I am travelling back from my sister’s wedding which I am sure you will find out about in future posts this month but don’t get upset. I kindly asked my local blogging friend, Katie to help me out with a guest post. Katie writes over at Katie’s World Of Beauty, I highly recommend her as I love her posts and I always go back when I need a gentle evening read. She will be updating you with some of the quirky, random things that she has been loving recently. I hope you enjoy! 
  • Jewellery is essential to me when it comes to everyday outfits, it can sometimes really set or bring an outfit together. These two in particular are what I have been wearing a lot – almost everyday! My two coin necklace is from Topshop I got last month so it maybe still in stock and my vintage watch I got a market for £5. I love both of these jewellery pieces a lot they have been an everyday staple for me.
  • Pudding not just Terry’s chocolate orange but Quality street flavours too! Cadbury’s have brought out for awhile now these amazing pots of joy. If you have a sweet tooth for chocolate then you need to give one of these pots a try because they are so yummy! I am very happy Cadbury’s have brought out these little pots of joy!
  • Ikea Colourful Straws – probably the most random favourite out of them all is these straws, I picked them up from Ikea not so long ago to put in my milk bottle. I sometimes think if you are picky with what you drink a pretty straw in a glass can really make it seem more appealing. I just bought these for fun really as I like to drink milk now and then so these are useful for that!
  • Cooking Mama – been playing on a lot of old games recently on my DS Cooking Mama being one of them. I used to be obsessed with this game and recently I have been playing it if I can’t get to sleep! It is just a cute, little game if you enjoy cooking or want to play a game where you are able to cook lots of different recipes!
Other random things I have been loving are watching Game Of Thrones (finally up to date now!), going on car trips to little villages, eating homemade lasange and having long hot baths since its getting a bit cold! Random right? 
What are your random favourites?
Thank you Katie for helping me with this post at the last minute! Don’t forget to check Katie’s blog out and send her a tweet with your random favourites!