Graze box has recently become my new favourite thing. I get so many vouchers and ads about them and finally got round to subscribing to them. I have been receiving them for the past six weeks now and have received a lovely supply of healthy snacks, both savoury and sweet so I thought it is about time that I wrote about my thoughts.

You can choose to get them delivered to your door every week, fortnight or monthly and the boxes are £3.99 per box however you can obviously use vouchers to get them cheaper or for free. Once you signed up, you can select whether you have an allergy or certain dietary requirement which I think is so useful so I got rid of all the spicy snacks because I don’t like hot food and meat flavoured snacks because I’m a vegetarian.

I receive the ‘variety‘ box which means I get a selection of everything but usually there is two savoury snacks and two sweet snacks however if you are wanting an extra special treat then you can select the ‘chocolate‘ box if you really like one. All the snacks that I have tried so far have been delicious however my favourites have been the Cherry & Chocolate Protein Topper which had cocoa granola, chopped hazelnuts, freeze-dried cherry pieces and soya protein crisps. It was so good. I had it with the Alpro Dark Chocolate yogurts and it tasted delicious! I also really enjoyed the New York Everything Bagel which was poppyseed and onion sesame sticks and Honeycomb Flapjack which was rustic rolled oat flapjack with honeycomb and chocolate drizzle. These were both equally delicious.

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Another service that Graze offer is the ability to ‘bin‘ a snack that you didn’t like or ‘like‘ or ‘love‘ a snack that you really liked so you may get it in another box in the future. You can also tick the ‘send soon‘ box if you want to have it in your next box. You can also get your 1st, 5th and 10th box free by using this code: QJWD2WMTB.

Overall, I love the Graze box service and don’t see myself cancelling it any time soon. It encourages me to stop snacking on unhealthy bars of chocolate and whole tubs of Pringles while blogging or looking for jobs. They are so handy to throw in your bag on your way to university or work as well. It’s really easy to change any of your settings for example: changing your address or stopping the service while your on holiday.

Have you tried Graze before? What’s your thoughts. Let me know what your favourite Graze snack is.

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