After starting the year feeling extremely low and not having a clue what I wanted to do with my future and then gaining friends, losing some, falling in love and dealing with heartbreak all over again – some could say that I have had a roller coaster of a year and I would happily agree with them. I never really stick to resolutions when I stick them however this year I have really thought about what I want to do and achieve by this time next year. Today is going to be the day where I start to take those steps and look at my life slightly differently. 
1. Be Positive – In my first semester at University, I put myself down a lot. I get anxiety quite easily and it comes on really quickly. I am always ill when my mood is down and people have started to see this. I want to be able to see the positive things in a situation rather than always looking at the worst.

2. Try New Things – I am known for finding something I like and sticking to it! Whether that be food or a make up brand, if I love it I won’t turn to anything else for months. I want to try some new brands like NARS and Benefit but I also want to try some new foods as well especially with being vegan.

3. Pay Off Those Debts – I am in a lot of trouble with my finances, to the point that if I wanted to try for a mortgage in the future, I know for sure I wouldn’t pass any sort of credit check thrown at me. After working two jobs over the Christmas season, I can now look into ways of paying these off and hopefully be debt free by the end of 2015 (minus the student ones).

4. Choose A Healthier Option – I have slowly been making steps towards picking the right choice, especially since going vegan. I have started to eat a lot more fruit and veg as well as drinking far too much water for my own good. I am now starting to see the differences in my skin and my weight. Ideally, I want to continue this change into this year. I know that I need to lose at least four stone to be to the average weight for someone my size. Now that I have my diet under control, I want to look at reducing the portions.
So those are my little challenges I have set myself. I really want to start feeling more comfortable in myself and feel a lot more independent without having to rely on others to make me happy. I am going to make the most of this year, not be scared of things which are going to be happening. I read somewhere the other week that you should “be the best version of you” and that’s what I am going to do.
What have you set yourself for this year? Are you the sort of person to set resolutions and stick to them?