Let’s face it, businesses need to be good at campaigning their beliefs. I think this is what attracts customers to them and builds a positive reputation about their brand. This is why I am a Lush lover. Many of you reading this probably have no idea who they are so for you, Lush are a company who stand for creating ethical and cruelty free skincare and beauty products. They are also excellent at entertaining the general public with their campaign work. For example, their Go Naked campaign where employees went naked for the day to raise awareness of the environmental crisis of over packaging products hit The Insider which was aired on Channel 4.

Recently Lush have got involved in the human rights issue about the equality of the LGBT community which is a global issue. In 76 countries around the world, it is illegal to be gay. Can you imagine if loving someone who you want to be with is illegal?!  With this being said, the US Supreme Court ruled same sex marriage legal in every state in the USA which is a step in the right direction and such an incredible achievement. However with any Government change, there will be protests and certain people being against this decision. It is important that we stand up together and support the members of the community which is exactly what Lush have done by producing their #GayIsOk soap. The profits from the soap go towards the LGBT groups which I think is amazing and it is companies like this one that succeed.

As part of the campaign, they are asking customers to take a selfie with the soap, tagging #GayIsOk and join in across the celebrations on social media. It’s campaigns by companies such as Lush which successfully build a positive reputation for the company and raise awareness of the issue they are campaigning against.  As Public Relation students, I feel that we have a lot to learn from Lush as there campaign work certainly has an impact on the targeted community. In case your interested the soap has the same scent as Lush’s Love fragrance with lemongrass, bergamot and Sicilian lemon oil. It’s also extremely sparkly!

Is there any companies that you love who campaign well? What do you think of the #GayIsOk campaign? I would love to know your thoughts!