For those of you who don’t know, I had my tonsils removed last week so I have not really been feeling the festive spirit lately. However, the one thing that I have enjoyed and something that has gave me a bit of comfort is the vast array of Netflix films. It’s like they have been my Prince Charming! As well as Netflix, I’ve had plenty of time to catch up on some of my favourite YouTubers and even started reading a good book when I have had the energy to do so. Anyway, on to my list…

The Holiday Calendar | It’s about a photographer who receives an Advent Calendar that she thinks predicts the future and points her towards finding love. It’s such a cheesy and down to earth film which I fell in love with. It had me gripped from the beginning to end. If you have watched Just My Luck then I believe you would love this one just as much.

The Princess Switch | Similar to The Parent Trap, it’s about a down-to-earth Chicago baker that travels for a contest in a different country with her friend Kevin and his daughter. As she goes to clean up, she bumps into the Princess who is due to get married and looks exactly the same as each other. With the Princess wanting to understand what it’s like to be normal, they decide to switch places and they both fall in love. It’s definitely a chick flick but similar kind of feel to The Holiday Calendar, I fell in love with it.

A Christmas Prince | You may have watched this last year but if you haven’t watched it already then I think you should. A young journalist is sent to get the scoop on a dashing Prince who is due to be king. It’s got a lot of drama in and a happy ending. Apparently the second one will be coming out soon on Netflix so… (Update: I’ve watched the second one and it is just as good if not better!)

The Christmas Chronicles | I was quite unsure of this when I saw the adverts but I proceeded to watch on Friday afternoon and it wasn’t too bad. It’s about a brother and sister who ends up on Santa’s sleigh and helps deliver the presents on Christmas Eve. There are so many events that happen during the film and it was a really good watch.

Outnumbered Christmas Specials | Okay, so Outnumbered isn’t necessarily a Netflix Original but its hilarious and that’s why I am including it. Whenever I am feeling down and in need of cheering up I throw on Outnumbered. They are a classic and the episodes are dead short so you can easily binge watch the series if you want. They have three Christmas episodes all on Netflix as well as all five seasons so you can laugh along at the sitcom for the whole of December.

Have you got any Christmas Netflix recommendations? Let me know in the comments.

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