Confession: there was meant to be a pretty, informative beauty post going up about what I brought from town last week however your getting this because I thought this might be helpful to any of you going through a rubbish time or those in need of a pick me up. It’s only Tuesday Wednesday as well which makes things even worse! I was meant to post this yesterday but I was feeling super poopy and did’t want to portray this on my happy place. There’s four specific YouTubers that I have turned to recently who constantly cheer me up. I thought I would share them with you.

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Rhiannon Ashlee is someone who I have been watching ever since she published her first video five years ago. At a similar age to me, I feel as though I have grown up with her and can’t wait to meet her baby girl. You probably have all heard of Rhiannon and may even watch her videos yourself but I feel as though she is so relatable and if we ever ended up meeting she I reckon we would get along well.

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Brogan Tate is another YouTuber who I have watched consistently since she started her channel. When she opened up about her rocky relationship with her mum, it made me feel as though I was not alone. The one thing I have taken from her is everyone has their good days but everyone also has their bad days too. We all go through arguments with parents, dating catastrophes, finding out certain aspects of ourselves, hating jobs and feeling lost in life – it’s not just me, it’s not just Brogan but it is all of us.

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Ellie is my next favourite. I found her channel, NinkComPoop, quite recently and I am so happy I did. I have never watched someone so happy, positive and full of light. I even spent an entire day binge-watching all of her videos back to back in the hope to cheer me up and by 4pm I was singing round the kitchen feeling a little bit more positive myself. She is so down to earth and will always bring you something interesting to watch.

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My last favourite to watch when I am feeling down is Dodie, in particular her blogging channel – doddlevloggle. Anyone else who watches will probably understand that her vlogs are addictive and 100% unique to her.

Who do you like watching when you need cheering up? Is there anything else that you do to cheer yourself up? Let me know in the comments below.

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