Four Little Things Instagram

I love Instagram. It’s the first app I open when I wake up (even if I am still half asleep) and it’s the last social media that I flick through before pressing that lock button before I go to sleep. I could even say I am slightly addicted even if I am not publishing any content that day. I just think that there is something amazing about photos that are sharing life moments that mean something to someone that people like you and I find visually appealing.

The creativity and variety that you find on Instagram is a whole new level. There’s so much content out there from a lot of people around the world. You could be scrolling down and find a blogger living it up in the Maldives and a couple more images later you will find your best friend watching Jeremy Kyle with their cat and a cup of tea. Not only this but you could type in the word coffee and find an image of a cup of coffee at so many different angles or this. I just think it’s amazing to see a visual diary from various people every day!

Instagram is full of positivity! If I want to cheer myself up I immediately turn to Instagram. There’s just something about cute puppy images and Lush cocktails that put me in a good mood. I’ve never seen any bullying or received nasty comments. It’s just full of happy people all the time. Maybe it’s just who I’m following and who appears in my ‘explore’ page but personally I don’t think it is.

It’s an excellent platform for inspiration. Stuck for a blog post idea? Need a different way to document that hot chocolate your having? Looking for a new recipe idea or bath cocktail that could possibly work for you? Instagram is the answer! Trust me.

What do you love about Instagram? I’m always looking for inspirational photos and people to follow so don’t forget to leave your username below! You follow me on Instagram, @julyjournal.