The July Journal

January has been so depressing. It’s been dark, cold freezing and more than likely raining. All I have wanted to do is eat many comfort foods instead of exercise, blog loads instead of writing this one essay that I’ve cried many times over. I want the happiness of Christmas back. I want to see my nephew again. I want a summer holiday to look forward to. I also want to take endless amounts of naps but I can’t. On Monday, I’ll be starting my second semester as a second year student. I have changed courses and honestly, I am dreading that ‘walking into a new class full of new people’ feeling. Millie has also had her operation on Friday and is feeling rather sorry for herself. It breaks my heart to hear her cry when she’s in pain. I’ve come to the conclusion that January sucks but with this in mind I have came up with four little things that have got me through this horrible month.

Talking to someone. Edd has been an amazing support recently. I have started to feel myself again. I have started to feel comfortable around him. He makes me smile and laugh. I look forward to hearing from him every evening even for five minutes because I know he can cheer me up after a rubbish day. He will never understand how much I appreciate him coming into my life but I’m okay with that because I know he has changed my life for the better.

Reading is something that I have never really got into but recently I have enjoyed snuggling up in my cosy blanket from Dunelm, grabbing a hot chocolate and reading a book. What is more cosy than that?! I’ve also managed to read Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone for the first time ever and loved it! Next up is Eleanor & Park.

Having a bath really does cure rubbish days. If I haven’t been battling the cold outside or snuggled in bed then you would probably find me surrounded in a layer of bubbles from my large supply of Lush bath bombs and bubble bars. I’ve also been treating myself to a face mask twice a week which has really helped the condition of my skin, my newest favourite is Rosey Cheeks. Adding candles makes the whole experience super relaxing.

Take some time out for you. Scrap Netflix! Can anyone else remember Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging or the Bring It On films? Well they have been my feel good films recently. I am sure others can relate but throwing on your favourite film, TV series or music playlist can automatically cheer you up. It’s probably the quickest mood booster too! And for those of you wondering, Netflix has been back on due to the recent Pretty Little Lairs return…

What do you do when you’re feeling down/stressed? Let me know in the comments!