I really didn’t fancy writing a Sunday Post today so I opted for the next instalment of my Four Little Things. I hope that is okay with you guys!
  1. London Holiday – This time next week, Phill and I will be in London probably on the hunt for somewhere to have some lunch or dinner. I am so excited because I feel like I haven’t had a break from busy life for a while now and it can just be a time to relax.
  2. Internships and Work Experience – I can’t get over the fact that I am half way through my first year and by May I would have finished for the Summer. I am wanting to use it wisely and hopefully get an internship sorted out so I am not sitting around doing nothing with my life. I would also like to put my new found skills to good use. Next week I have a day’s worth of work experience in the bag which I am very much looking forward to!
  3. Books – Recently I have really been enjoying reading books. I don’t know why because they aren’t really my ‘thing’. I haven’t read The Fault In Our Stars, well not properly anyway but that hasn’t stopped me from trying again. I have brought the Eleanor and Park book by Rainbow Rowell to read on my way down to London. Remind me to let me know what I think of it!
  4. Saving – I have really been trying to save my money this term and not go over the top with spending money on things I don’t really need. I have already paid off two of my debts which is one of my new years resolutions and I am so proud of that. I am, however, looking into getting a MacBook in the near future. I just prefer Apple products to Windows and I feel that you can achieve a lot more with them. Let me know if you have one and what your thoughts are.
Have you been up to anything nice recently? Share the happiness in the comments below!