I have been feeling a bit down recently but especially today. I really wanted to write a blog post even though I haven’t had anything scheduled for today. I saw this idea over on Jessica’s blog of writing down some things (Jessica chose five) which are making you happy or smile and I thought it could be a way of cheering me up especially on days like today. It might also make you feel a bit more positive with life.
1. Relaxing in my bedroom with Paper Towns and candles burning. I have found that this has really helped my anxiety to calm down. If it hasn’t been reading Paper Towns, it’s just been listening to The XX or sliding down my Twitter feed.
2. Staying off Facebook! I have recently created a hatred for Facebook, I just feel that I have different interests to the people who I used to be friends with. They all have different life goals than me so this kind of leads on to my next one.
3. I am starting University in September. I am excited and nervous at the same time but hopefully I will enjoy it and make some new friends along the way (*fingerscrossed*).
4. I start to look forward to the weekends a lot more now. When me and Phill lived together I think I didn’t appreciate the time we spent together but now I do. I have missed the little things of our relationship this week so I can’t wait to see him tonight.

It’s pizza and chocolate night tonight! What’s made you happy this week?

PS – Thanks Jessica for your blog post idea!