You may have noticed that I talk about the same products over and over again from more or less the same brands. I don’t tend to change my makeup all that much perhaps because I got into a routine of using products that I love. I really wanted to start branching out more and try a couple of brands further instead of sticking to the same foundation or blusher all the time. I’ve chosen four brands that I want to discover more from this year and if I don’t succeed you have the right to tell me off.


Elf is one of those brands that I hear many bloggers talk about but it hasn’t really become available to me until I moved to Shrewsbury. I don’t tend to order things online incase it’s not my shade and prefer to actually feel things and test them out on the back of my hand before I commit to purchasing them. I found Elf in a local Superdrug store and purchased a couple of bits. I’m not fond of the mascara, however, I love the foundation especially when I have a long shift at work. The coverage is just amazing and the formulation is great for those who have oily skin. I would love to try some more of their lip products and I’ve heard great things about their eyeshadows and blushes too.


Again, another brand that most people within the blogosphere community love but I haven’t tried much from. I’ve heard their concealers are excellent which is why I have featured them in the list. As you may know if you follow me on social media, I have recently re-kindled my love for their lipstick in the shade Doll. It’s become my go-to lipstick for everyday wear now especially since the weather has been a lot colder. The formulation is super moisturising. I find it a bit overwhelming going up to one of their stands because there is just so much choice! Any recommendations would be super helpful?

B. Cosmetics 

I practically squealed with excitement when I seen all of the new B. makeup range in my local Superdrug store. I wrote about my love of their foundation about two years ago now and been longing for their new range to be released for months. I actually picked up their flawless matte foundation the other week and I’ve been using it ever since so if you fancy a bit of a review then just let me know. I really want to try out a couple more of their lipstick shades and the blushes look absolutely stunning!

Too Faced 

Okay, so Too Faced is a little bit more expensive than the others that I’ve mentioned but it is one that a lust over every new release. I’ve only ever had the Sweet Peach Eyeshadow palette but still to this day it is one of my all time favourites in my collection. I really want to try the Born This Way foundation and Better Than Sex mascara because I’ve heard so many good things about both. I’m probably going to save this one for my birthday and Christmas lists or do some hardcore saving!

Is there any brands that you want to discover more from? Let me know of any recommendations!

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