Makeup brushes are the one staple in my beauty collection that I can’t live without. Don’t get me wrong there are ways to apply makeup without them but they just help make my application so much better. I thought I would share with you a couple of my everyday favourites. The ones that have been cleaned time and time again and repurchased on more than one occasion, as you can probably tell they have been through the wars.

Until recently, all my brushes are from Real Techniques. I love the brand and never really steered away from them until recently. The quality is amazing – they are so soft and remain like that even after repeated washes and I’ve never had a problem with bristles falling out either.

For the base, there’s always been one firm favourite and that is the Buffing Brush. It works so well at blending out my foundation and concealer. I did at one point use it for cream blusher when I first started using brushes but since I’ve realised how good it is at providing you a flawless complexion I haven’t really switched it up.

My next brush favourite is the 100 Arched Powder Brush from the Bold Metals Collection. I use it to highlight. I find that it’s somehow the perfect size. It’s not to wide to make the highlight go all over your face but just helps the powder apply really nicely on where you want it to go. I love the gold design too. It’s perfect size and shape to handle and hold whilst applying your makeup.

The final two that I wanted to share with you is for the eyes. I love creating a simple smokey eye look with neutral shades. I usually use the Base Shadow Brush to apply eyeshadow on the outer corner of my eye and I pat the lighter shade on with 200 Oval Shadow Brush. I love both of the brushes not only for applying the eyeshadow but they are both brilliant at blending shades together too.

What are your favourite makeup brushes to use in your routine?

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