For someone who can’t afford a Summer holiday every year, I spend the majority of my time during Winter browsing for holiday places and now I’m in a relationship the lust of going on our first holiday together would be a dream come true. Hopefully next year we might be able to tick off a couple of these places but for now I’m going to chat to you about some of the places I would love to visit this Winter.

Zante, July 2012

If you follow me on social media, my dream of travelling to Disneyland Paris has been no secret. I first went when I was eight years old but I have blanked most of the memories because it was a rough patch as far as family is concerned. I would love to re-visit it again soon and feel that Disney magic. I’ve heard the best time to go is the Winter months because it is less busy and more affordable.

The next place that I would love to visit is Amsterdam. It has been on my wishlist ever since I watched The Fault In Our Stars but more recently became a lust when Alice told me what an amazing time she had there. There’s just so many nice places to visit culturally, the top of my list being the Anne Frank museum and wouldn’t it just be so cute for me and Mark to add a love locket to the bridge.

Somewhere that hasn’t been on my wishlist for long but I would love to go is Dubai. It’s probably a bit of an unpopular opinion but when I was flicking though the Holiday Gems website I found there was a place called the Gold Souk. It’s similar to Aladdin’s Cave with many stores that sell jewellery, gifts and ornaments – to me it sounds perfect and so unique. The only thing that puts me off is the long flight. I’m not the one for flying so I don’t know how I would feel with nearly an eight hour journey.

Mark and I have regularly discussed going to a country to visit the Christmas markets and after doing some research, I found the best place is actually Zagreb, the capital of Croatia. It has themed events, similar to Winter Wonderland that happens in London, which take place in the streets and squares surrounding the city centre. I can imagine it would be like a winter wonderland in itself for any Christmas lover.

Finally, the one that is probably on the top of my list – Iceland. I haven’t researched much into it but the one thing I do now is that it would be an experience of a lifetime to see the Northern Lights. If you know me, I am an emotional person. I cried when I saw the Pandas at Edinburgh Zoo and I cried when I saw all the stars at the Kielder Observatory last year so going from past experiences this is probably going to be one of those ones that I cry my eyes out at but it will all be worth it. Now the difficult part is to try and convince Mark…

Where are you favourite places to travel to during the Winter? Have you visited any of these places? Link me your travel posts below!

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