This year I have really tried to up my photography game and although it is not fantastic, I feel as though it has improved since The July Journal’s 2014 blog photography.

With this in mind, photography props have become quite important to me. I’ve been trying to throw all sorts of creative ideas together to make my photos look a little different during the festive period this year. I’ve actually got a whole box full of props for seasonal photography and just for my ‘everyday’ blog photos that I post all year round. There’s so many things that you can actually use because you can use anything as a prop but I’ve put together a few ideas to up your blogging game during the festive period. Hopefully it can help some of you out for ideas…

Christmas Magazines are my favourite type of festive photography prop. I always find the pages filled with gorgeous, aesthetic images and are the perfect thing to add to your posts, especially the beauty related ones. Did I mention this can be free to? You can simply pick up the Boots Health & Beauty magazine for free if you have an advantage card holder or even Superdrug’s DARE magazine for free whilst your doing your Christmas shopping.

Decorations are another go-to photo prop for December. You will always have spare baubles, decorative beads, fairy lights, tinsel and candy canes laying around the house. They can add colour and sparkle to photos to give your images a bit more of a festive depth.

Whilst you are wrapping up your presents, you could always keep some spare wrapping paper, ribbontags or even use the finished presents in your images during blogmas. I was lucky enough to be gifted some personalised gift wrap from Pretty Gifted* this year however you could use the ones that you have bought to wrap your Christmas presents up. I like to layer them on top of each other so it isn’t just one colour.

Patterned fabrics is another one of my favourites. I don’t know about you but I have some amazing Christmas bedding on, thanks to Primark. I love using a splash of pattern in the back of my images. I find it’s not too much if you feature it in the corner of some images. You could also use scarves, patterned pyjamas or those extremely festive leggings that you find in Primark these days. It’s another great way to add different textures to your images too.

Not one of my favourites just because of the mess it can leave but why not use glitter sprinkled in images to add something different. It doesn’t have to be loads, it could even be specifically Christmas/Festive related glitter pieces that you can find in craft stores. Tweezers are handy to have around whilst doing this so you can pick out your faves part of the glitter mixes.

During Autumn I used artificial leaves in the background of some images that I took for my blog posts, why not use pinecones, holly or candy canes?

Hopefully this can help some of you out a little or gave you some photography inspiration maybe?

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