I can never resist Lush’s Christmas collection. They are always released with plenty of time to stock up on your favourites and each year I have to try at least one of each Christmas product. This year is no different and after two months of trying all the different bath bombs, soaps, shower gels and alike; I have finally decided upon my festive faves. The ones that I’ll be stocking up on before they disappear off the shelves for another year.


Now we all know the rules of moisturising don’t we?! Does anyone ever stick to the ‘moisturise once a day’ rule? If you do, I take my hat off to you! On the other hand though, I have been smothering the Sleepy Body Lotion all over my body every evening since picking a tub up on release day. I already have a spare prepared for when I run out of my current tub. I think that the Lush moisturisers are so underrated.  If your looking for something to help you get a decent night sleep; this lavender, twilight-scented treat will do the trick. My skin feels so moisturised and nourished for the following 48hrs after applying which is even better than my beloved Dream Cream.

This is an absolute must for everyone. I have sworn by the Bubbly Shower Gel wonder ever since I managed to get a sneak peak from a lovely sales assistant at my local store. The delicious sweet orange and lime oils blended with fresh grape juice is the perfect pick me up on a chilly morning. As the bathroom fills with a heavenly scent, the lather uplifts your mood so your ready for the day ahead. Trust me, it makes getting out of bed enjoyable!


This time of year everyone is into their red lips and as much as I love their all time classic Santa Baby Lip Tint, I can’t help but fall endlessly in love with their new Sugar Plum Fairy Lip Tint. Although both are extremely different – Santa Baby is a matte, bright red shade whilst Sugar Plum is a sheer, purple shade with a slight shimmer but I think that is why I love them both. I have never really been the one for a red lip hence why Sugar Plum Fairy is my favourite out of the two. They both contain jojoba oil that helps to moisturise the lips similar to what a lip balm would do.

There has been many new releases when it comes to the bath bomb and bubble bar front this year however the So White Bath Bomb has still pushed it’s fresh apple scent into my top five. I have always been a lover of this scent ever since they released the shower gel years ago. Unfortunately for us the shower gel is no more, unless the Kitchen releases it, but we do have a bath bomb to brighten and uplift our winter pamper nights. I have wrote a recent review that tells you more information about the ingredients and my love for it which you can read here but if you wanting something different to your usual Snow Fairy scent then I would highly recommend trying out this one.

Are you a Lush fan? What are your Lush Christmas must-haves? Let me know in the comments.


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