The holiday season is fast approaching and although I haven’t yet booked a holiday there is a high chance that I will be. The one thing that I have always found difficult when it comes to holiday shopping is swimwear but luckily, with the help of Matalan, it didn’t turn out all that bad. I can imagine if you are similar to me and lack body confidence then you may dread the bikini season but hopefully some of the styles shared may help to guide you in a more confident direction. And just remember it’s not about what you look like, it is about how you feel and making lovely Summer memories.

Matalan have an excellent choice of swimwear for all different body shapes and sizes. I find it such a challenge finding bikini sets that fit both the top and bottom but thankfully you can buy them separately from Matalan so you can get the sizes that actually fit you rather than multiple sets. The quality of their swimwear range is fantastic as well with really good quality fabric.

The first style I went for was the spot skirted swimsuit. As soon as I clicked on the swimsuit I just knew I would fall in love with it. I love the unique skirt style because it hides my thighs which is not one of my favourite areas. The swimsuit has been constructed with shape enhancing technology designed to slim your waist and flatten your tummy which I feel as though it does. When looking in the mirror, I felt confident and happy with my body which doesn’t usually happen when it comes to swimsuits.

The second style is one that I am a lot more confident with and that’s a tankini bikini. As I have mentioned earlier, I like how you can buy the shorts and the top separately so you can buy the sizes that suit you the best. I really like the bright coloured and fun pattern of the tankini and think it would be brilliant for a summer holiday. It’s the style that I feel a lot more comfortable in out of the three that I chose and that I usually opt for if I am buying swimwear.

I tend to avoid the usual bikini style as I feel really self conscious when it comes to my stomach and my thighs but I just couldn’t resist this tassel pom pom bikini. I think this kind of bikini is great for lazying around the beach or pool. I was a little bit nervous how I would feel in it but after sizing up in the the top half I felt really confident in bikini style. I love the unique tassel pom pom detailing from both the top and the shorts which I believe draws your attention away from my body problem areas. Similarly to the rest of the bikinis that Matalan offer, you can buy the shorts separate from the bikini top which I really like.

What have you got planned for the Summer? Have you ever tried the Matalan swimwear? What’s your thoughts? I have already started looking at a few holiday deals but nothing is organised as of yet.

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*The swimwear was kindly gifted to me from Matalan as part of a collaboration.