Does anyone else think this week is going super slow? I was planning on writing an in-depth post about skincare but I just don’t feel like writing that, not today. It can be saved for another time when I have thought about the wording more carefully. Recently, I read one of Kathryn’s posts and it brought back many childhood memories that I just wanted to share with you. I thought it would not only cheer me up after a bit of a stressful week but it would be something fun to write and bring back some nostalgic memories for you to consider too.

There was so many amazing programmes on TV but my favourites were Tracy Beaker, My Parents Are Aliens, The Worst WitchArthur and Home Farm Twins. Please say that you remember these. Every time I talk to my friends about them, they can never remember watching some of them. Home Farm Twins was definitely my favourite though because the girls just wanted to save and keep all the animals without them getting hurt. I can remember running home from school just to watch them all.

McDonald’s Happy Meals excited me so much! I used to collect all the different toys that was in them and covered my bookshelf with them all. I remember that I needed to collect the whole set so I could keep them as a collection. I used to cry when my dad tidied my room because he would put them in a box under my bed. I always had the chicken nuggets from the meals but never had the chips! I just found them too salty. There was also a restaurant that had lovely truffle style chocolates that my dad used to get for free on Friday’s because my dad knew the owner. Although they were all gone by the time I went home…

Jacqueline Wilson books was so popular with the majority of girls in school and don’t get me wrong I used to buy them too, however, I never read a single one until Diamond Girls and Kiss came out. It’s probably because I really struggled to read and the teachers didn’t know until further into my education that I had dyslexia. It’s probably the main reason why I hated English and just sat making doodles in the back of my book during ‘quiet time’.

What did you do without internet and money? I used to go and play on the swings in the park with my friends. We spent hours down there and then came back once it started getting dark to have pizza before they headed home. I can remember playing with playmobil and making pretend families with all the characters. I spent hours sitting in a circle with friends playing on Bop ItSingstar, Guitar Hero and Ratchet and Clank were my favourite games on Playstation 2 and don’t even get me started on Nintendo. Did anyone else have Nintendogs?

Can you relate to any of these? Is there anything else you can remember about the early 90s? I think I could go on forever about them!

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