I can’t quite believe that this will be my last blog post before Blogmas begins. Yes, I have dedicated my time and efforts into producing 25 days worth of content for you to all dig your teeth into so make sure your following me on Bloglovin’ to keep up to date with everything. For today’s post I wanted to talk to you about the new Error 404 bath bomb that Lush released across the stores on Black Friday.


They created the bath bomb as part of their #KeepItOn campaign that is raising awareness of how the government is controlling what we are able to see and half the time we are not getting the full picture behind a story. For example, since November 2015, Brazil has experienced three shutdowns of the messaging service WhatsApp. This is an app that I use to communicate with my family and friends every day and without it I would have no way of keeping up to date with my baby nephew, Noel. Businesses use the app to communicate internally and with clients as well as socially. More than 100 million users were affected by shutdowns that lasted between 12 and 48 hours.

Governments around the world are instructing internet service providers to block internet access – during protests, elections and even school exams. The #KeepItOn campaign is encouraging us to break the silence. The world’s governments are gathering to discuss the future of the open internet and more than 3,000 participants will join the meeting. This critical moment is to urge leaders to speak out against internet shutdowns and now is the time for our voices to be heard.




You are probably wondering where the Error 404 bath bomb comes into it all? Well, Lush are wanting us to spread the word by explaining why the internet is better left on. It is fighting internet shutdowns as all the profits from this exclusive product goes to the Digital Fund. Every £4.04 that you spend on the Error 404 will support the legacy behind Digital Fund, a pot of money to support the grassroots of digital activists who are keeping the internet free, open and safe. Access Now is one of these groups that defend and extend the digital rights of users whom are at risk around the world. They use the policy, advocacy and technology to fight for secure and open communications for all of us.




The bath bomb itself is incredible. The main ingredient that comes from the bath bomb is the vanilla absolute which leaves a sweet, seductive scent that will brighten your mood from a cold winter’s day. As the golden lustre melts away, it releases beautiful teal and green shades that in turn leaves your bath looking gorgeous. I highly recommend stocking up before they disappear of the shelves because I know I will!

Have you tried the Error 404 bath bomb yet? I would love it if you can sign the petition too.


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