When Lush offer amazing face masks it’s hard to not use it every other night. Don’t Look At Me is another one of their Oxford Street exclusives which, just like every other face mask, provides some amazing benefits for the skin. Personally I love the choice of face masks at Lush and in particular Cosmetic Warrior and Cupcake.


Don’t Look At Me is completely different to any of the other face masks I have tried and that’s not just because of the Smurf-like colour but also due to all the new ingredients in the formula. Murumuru butter is one ingredient that I have never heard of before but after researching I found that it is great for softening, moisturising and soothing the skin. No wonder my face feels as soft as a baby’s bottom after using it! The lemon juice and grapefruit oil makes the scent so fresh and uplifting, brilliant for a Sunday morning pamper. The rice and tofu are used to exfoliate providing a deeper cleanse which is what I look for in a face mask.

Overall I love Don’t Look At Me and feel that another trip to London will be on the cards soon so I can stock up! Next up on my list to try is definitely Cup O’ Coffee and Love Lettuce.

Have you picked up Don’t Look At Me? What’s your thoughts? Let me know your favourite Lush face mask!