I’ve been incredibly fortunate to have amassed an engaged and loyal group of readers on this site and therefore take collaborative opportunities very seriously. 

I aim to ensure any paid or collaborative content is clearly stated so I can stay 100% transparent. Please see a list of terms below that you may see on my site so you know if content is paid for or if products have been gifted. 

I would also like to state that although some content has been paid for, I will always be honest on this blog and give my unbiased opinion. 

Sponsored Content

This is when a brand decides to pay me a fee to feature their products or services on my blog and/or my social media. This type of content will be marked with [AD] in the title of the blog post and a disclaimer at the end of the post will explain the kind of relationship I have with the brand. 



Occasionally brands may get in touch offering to ‘gift’ me an item, an experience or a trip. This is usually in exchange for a review or blog/social media content. 

Any content of this nature will also be marked with [AD] within the title of the blog post and feature a disclaimer at the end of the post explaining what has been gifted. 

Social media posts will be marked as [AD – GIFTED] to signify that I received the product/service as a payment for the content produced. 

Sometimes I might be lucky enough to attend an event, restaurant or be invited on a press trip. These posts will also be marked with [AD] in the title and the disclaimer at the end of the post will explain what part was gifted. 

Social media posts will be marked with [AD – EVENT, REVIEW or GIFTED TRIP] depending on the experience.


Affiliate Links

My blog does contain affiliate links, however, if it did this would mean that the blog owner earns a small commission when the links are used to purchase items. This doesn’t affect the price you pay but bloggers simply receive a small reward for recommending you the website. 


Previous Brand Relationships

A blog post may feature items that have been previously gifted from a brand, however, the content is not part of the original agreement e.g. a post where I talk about my current favourites that happens to feature a skincare product that was previously gifted to me to talk about in a review.

These posts will contain a disclaimer at the end of the post highlighting the previously gifted items. The gifted items will also be marked with an [*].

Social media posts featuring these items will also include [GIFTED ITEMS] to highlight that the post is not an AD but it will contain items that I have received in the past.

If I have worked with a brand in the last 12 months and have purchased an item from them myself to feature on my blog or social media, I will be declaring this even if the product or service I am talking about has been bought with my own money. 


Disclaimers have become a bit of a minefield but are incredibly important for bloggers and influencers who collaborate with brands. If you see anything on this site which you think needs further clarification, please don’t hesitate to get in touch via hello@yasminamagdy.com.

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