Today I wanted to discuss the building blocks of a relationship which can become beneficial for both bloggers and PR practitioners. I have had my blog for nearly a year now and I am currently studying Public Relations at University so I can see both sides when it comes to working together. So PR practitioners – take note!

Please can you use our names. Finding out our names is rather easy and yes I can see how it can be time consuming for you but we would really appreciate it. It makes us feel as though you have approached us because you have looked at our blogs and social media and want us to work for you. Most of the time you will be able to find out names under the picture in the sidebar or in the ‘About Me’ section on our blogs. I have learnt that those who start with “Hello blogger” or “This may be of interest too you” haven’t actually looked at your site in great depth and just spammed you. I know that if it happens to me, the email is heading straight to the bin folder in my emails so be warned.

We know our stuff, deal with it! We know how to use all of the little behind the scene programmes like Google Analytics and can calculate how far our tweet goes on Twitter. We also discuss you guys quite a lot so if you treat one of us badly then you are probably not going to get a good response with those who mention how badly you have treated them. Word of mouth can be an extremely powerful tool amongst the community. It doesn’t pay much to be nice and all. Just treat us with a bit of respect and we will do the same.

We can be professional too. I don’t know about others but I take my work seriously. At some point in life I would love to be able to blog full time, in fact all of us would. If I am a beauty blogger and your sending an email asking to review a fashion site or app which you have launched then please don’t get angry and unhappy when I turn you down. Some of us cover all aspects of what they enjoy but there is a lot of blogs out there which focus primarily on one thing, just take that into consideration. On that note, it brings me on to my last point…

Don’t expect us to advertise for free. Top tip for you guys is to keep some of your budget for us bloggers. If you are expecting us to expose your brand, product or service to hundreds or thousands of customers which could potentially come to you then we will be wanting some sort of money for this. How else do you expect us to keep our site running. Many of us like Zoe and Louise have spent years building readership and creating a community and the downside to this is that if you want access to it, you are going to have to spend some money on it.

One final note. We are all wanting similar outcomes. We are needing the work to keep out readership interested and returning to our site and you are needing the exposure for your brand, product or services so there needs to be some give and take I think.

What do you bloggers think? Is there anything else you would add? And for those PR practitioners out there please remember at least one of these and you will receive some appreciation from us in the future! Let me know what you think!