Cruelty-Free Guide

Did you know that a large percentage of brands still allow for animals to be used in testing environments for many of the ingredients we use in our everyday makeup routines? Almost 200 of the biggest beauty brands including: L’Oreal, MAC, Maybelline, Kiehl’s, Dove, Vaseline and NARS to name a few, still test on animals. Although the UK and the EU ended animal testing by 2009 but in China, it’s compulsory that any product manufactured outside the country must be tested on animals – that’s including those made in the country.

So what does ‘cruelty free’ actually mean? 

In simple terms, a product or brand is described as ‘cruelty free‘ if it has been made without using animals as test subjects. This means the product should be free from animal testing or experimentation during all of the manufacturing process. Some brands claim to be cruelty free however they are only referring to the finished product – this doesn’t necessarily mean that it was free from animal testing during the production and development stages.

Feeling a little bit alone on this venture?

The Cruelty Free Bloggers community are a lovely bunch of people. Becky has actually wrote a post with all of us in. You can read it here. It includes are long list of Bloggers and YouTubers with their Instagram and Twitter accounts, so useful if you want to ask any questions.

Want to find out whether a brand is cruelty free?

You can conduct your own research by emailing the company themselves, looking on the FAQ page of their website or seeing what other cruelty free bloggers are writing about. There’s are couple of organisations that you can look at including: Cruelty Free InternationalPETACompassionate Shopping Guide and Cruelty Free Lifestyle. I also find Logical Harmony’s list brilliant to refer to as well.

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