I actually think ‘favourite’ posts are the ones that I enjoy reading the most. The idea of sharing things that you are loving at the moment is nothing but good! Not only can you chat about it in the comments but you can also receive and give recommendations for products.

I’ve never tried anything from Morphe before but I picked an eyeshadow palette and a highlighter palette up when I went to Birmingham a good six months ago. I’ve not really reached for the eyeshadow palette as much but the highlighters are stunning! They are so pigmented compared to anything that I’ve used before. My go-to shade is definitely Galatic because it is such a classic highlight shade however I have been using Comet or Trance recently to give more of a bronzed look. I’ve also been reaching for the Lottie London Matte Liquid Lipstick in the shade Hey Bae. It’s an everyday chocolate brown shade that sounds awful but actually looks really nice on the lips. Once again this is another makeup product that I have picked up on a whim but I love it. The lipstick is buildable and easy to apply. I like how it dries matte as soon as it is applied on the lips. The only negative thing I have to say is that it is not long lasting.

Since I have been away from the blogging world I’ve since discovered my new luxury perfume. I went cruelty free years ago but it has took me all this time to find a perfume that is cruelty free that I like until everyone and their cat recommend Stella McCartney. I decided to pick her original up and it smells amazing and so luxurious! I am awful at describing scents but it has rose, peony, mandarin essence and amber so it is quite warm and floral. I’ve also discovered a new body butter as well. I’m not going to go into it too much as I have a dedicated blog post going up about it soon but Yaoh contacted me a while ago to try out a range of products and within the selection was a body butter* in the original scent. Not only does it smell as though you have just hopped off the plane but it dries quickly and it is cruelty free and vegan. What more could you ask for?! They have a range of different scents so if this one doesn’t take your fancy you don’t have to worry. I’ll talk about it more in next week’s post where I explain about it a little bit more in-depth. I also wanted to give a little shout out to the Umberto Giannini range. I’m usually a hardcore Phil Smith fan however after discovering that Umberto are cruelty free I decided to pick up a few bits to give a go. First of all is the Grow Long Shampoo and Conditioner which has no only left my hair smelling amazing after every wash but it is also  extremely soft and nourished. I haven’t been paying attention as to whether it has ‘promoted hair growth’. I should probably go and get my hair cut and then test that theory because I have been really enjoying the haircare combo. It has seaweed within the formula which is a fatty acid from marine nutrients to improve split ends which has prolonged the hair cut further. However the real star of the show is the No More Frizz Anti-Frizz Curl Serum that I picked up within the offer that they had on in Boots. I’ve been using this when my hair has been wet, plaiting it and once it has dried I would take them out and I’m left with frizz free curls. Okay my hair is in desperate need of a cut but this stuff has made it look all healthy again which I am here for. It instantly tames my frizzy curls and gives a healthy shine to my hair which I am all for.

I finished University for the Summer over a month ago now and it has took me this long to find something to keep myself busy with. I feel like I have kind of lost who I am a little bit since Christmas so I am using the Summer months to get creative and find out what I enjoy doing again. I’ve started making the most of my iPad and Apple Pencil which has been really testing my creativity. Apple stores do these skill sessions that teach you how to draw and use Procreate which is something I never knew existed so I’ve been attending them. They are free and the vibe you get from my local store is amazing and so motivating! If you’re wanting to learn how to draw then I highly recommend going to one at your local Apple store, you don’t even need an iPad and pencil because they have spares specifically for those sessions.

If I’ve not been drawing on my iPad I have started to read again. As soon as I finished reading Alexa Chung’s book, The Hormone Diaries by Hannah Witton came through my door and although it is a completely different book I’ve found it very informative.  It is like the book that I’ve never had when I was a teenager. It has made me feel a lot more normal when it comes to moods around that time of the month and I don’t feel so alone about my endometriosis now.  Finally I’ve dusted off my little Canon EOS M10 and started filming little videos. I’ve uploaded a couple onto YouTube but at the moment I am taking it all very lightly. It has given me a new hobby to get stuck into which at the moment I am enjoying.

What are you guys loving at the moment? Anything from this list?

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