Happy Sunday!! You should all know by now how much I love my Lush hauls. Therefore it’s only right that my first ‘proper‘ post back is in fact a haul of all the goodies from Lush recently. I’ll be doing a separate post on all the Christmas and Halloween treats I picked up while I was in Leeds in the near future. Grab your cuppa, sit back and relax!

Collective Lush Haul

The first product I picked up was Sex Bomb. To my surprise I don’t think I have ever tried this one which is unusual for me as I love Lush a little bit too much, if that is even possible. The bath bomb has jasmine, ylang ylang and clary sage to help you feel relaxed and calm but the scents blend together to create a lovely fresh, floral scent. Apparently jasmine oil has been used in India for centuries to ease stress and anxiety. Perfect after a long and stressful day at University or work, don’t you think?!

Granny Takes A Dip was next on my list. I used the bath bomb version but I haven’t tried it since the formulation had been changed. I love the sweet, uplifting scent of the bubble bar and I can now share my love between two or three different baths. The lemon oil helps uplift your mood while ginger and pepper are warming. I also picked up Karma as I loved the little bottle which I finished rather quickly. The blend of sweet orange oil and lemongrass oil help uplift my mood and ease my anxiety when I’m feeling stressed.

Last but not least I picked up their Danger! Cosmetics To Go book. This has been on my wish list for quite sometime now. I love flicking through the pages and learning all about the history of the company. Let me know if you have the book and what you think of it. I love how it’s such an easy read, perfect to enjoy whilst in the bath!

What have you picked up from Lush recently?