Your probably sat reading this whilst snuggled in bed or cuddled up by the fire with a hot chocolate in one hand and munching on your favourite box of chocolates. I can’t quite believe that it’s Christmas tomorrow! I could sit here and take up five minutes of your time reminiscing about how fast this year has gone but I think everyone already knows that.

Personally, I think that Christmas Eve is much better than the big day anyway. Ever since I can remember, I have always got new pyjamas for the evening. This year is some lovely Disney ones which are probably going to feature on Instagram at least once this weekend. They are super cosy and really light so I could get away with wearing them during the other months too. Other than this Christmas Eve tradition, it’s actually my first year where I am not spending the day with my family. I am with Edd all weekend which I am looking forward too but at the same time I am missing Noel, my sister and my mum so much! WE have however created a couple of traditions which I am hoping will stick with us. The first being an afternoon with Christmas films and a mixed box of chocolates. This year it’s Miracle on 34th Street that neither of us have watched before but I can definitely say it is such a good film. We brought Quality Street and Celebrations to have whilst snuggled in front of the fire. Has anyone had the new Honeycomb Crunch?! It tastes amazing!

I’ve had such a lazy day to be honest. I have took the dogs for a walk along the beach, went round to my Aunt’s for a Christmas buffet and now I am snuggled in bed waiting for Edd and Santa to come home/visit. I had the most amazing bath earlier too. I used Golden Wonder and one of my last Error 404 bath bombs; blended together and it smells incredible. I also used the Bubbly Shower Gel because you should all know by now that it is my favourite one from the releases this year. I decided to treat myself to a face mask whilst in the bath too. The one I used is the Botanicals Revitalising Renewal Mask. Finally, I’ve painted my nails with this lovely rose gold Barry M Nail Paint in the shade Twinkle Twinkle. It’s going to be perfect with my lazy Christmas outfit, I think. I am probably going to spend the rest of my night just catching up on my favourite YouTube channels and blogs from this week.

I hope everyone has a lovely day tomorrow and some much needed family time! How do you spend your Christmas Eve?

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