2018 is the year that I am going to say yes to more opportunities and that started with a back massage which is something that I’ve never had before. Kelly Jones, a massage therapist who runs an at home massage clinic called Chakra Care, kindly treated me to one of her treatments so I thought I would blog about my experience.

Kelly offers massages and relaxing treatments to her customers using crystal healing and products that are chemical free and safe. The products that Kelly uses are all natural, suitable for vegans and cruelty free, her favourite being Hemp Seed Oil which I talked a little bit about before.

This was a whole new experience for me and I didn’t really know what to expect but I thoroughly enjoyed it. As you walked into her massage room, it was calming and inviting with fairy lights, candles burning, Himalayan salt lamps and soft, gentle music playing in the background. She made me feel so welcome and relaxed from the moment I entered her home.

I was lucky enough to have the Back to Bliss Massage which is described as an invigorating back massage that focuses on back, neck and shoulders which works deep into stiff, tired and aching muscles to instantly release pain and tension at the same time as easing a stressed mind. She went out the room and asked me to take the top half of my clothing off and go in between two towels. Unusually, I felt extremely comfortable which I didn’t think I would. When Kelly started with the massage, I didn’t know what to expect but she was so gentle with me and asked whether the pressure was enough really early on. As the massage went on, I closed my eyes and tried to relax my mind and just think about my breathing to help me unwind. When it was all over, she placed the towel over my back and told me to get up in my own time as she brought a glass of water through.

Overall the experience is one that I could only describe as relaxing and unwinding. If you have never experienced a massage before then I highly recommend giving it a go yourself. It gives you a couple of minutes to just think about you and nothing else which I believe everyone needs from time to time.

Have you ever had a back massage? What was your experience like?

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