When it comes to Valentine’s Day I know that many have strong opinions about it but overall it’s either you complete love celebrating the day with your partner or single gals or you despise the day and don’t understand why it even exists. I hate to break it to you but I am kind of looking forward to this year’s Valentines – #sorrynotsorry. This is the year that me and my best friend of ten years celebrate being in love for the first time together and honestly I couldn’t think of anything better. I’m not the one to go extravagant and buy many gifts for him but the one thing I have thought of was using personalised wrapping paper. I think it just knuckles down to adding something a bit more meaningful to your gift.

Pretty Gifted are an experienced paper and printing company whom have created a bespoke gift wrap service. I’ve used their company before during the Christmas period and fell head over heels in love with their wrapping paper. It’s such good quality and the fact that you can cater your design to your liking makes me love it even more. Each sheet comes in the size of 70cm x 50cm and there are so many different choices you can make using different colours, fonts and symbols.

If you are interested these are the options that you can choose from:

Background – Gold, Peppermint, Silver, Pearlescent, Black & Red

Font – Candy, Split, Monster, Arro & Lulu

Foil – Silver, Gold, Copper, Rainbow & Aqua

Message – You can have up to 60 characters. 

Font Size – Small (5mm tall), Medium (8mm tall) & Large (16mm tall)

Icon – Star, Arrow, Lightening, Cocktail, Ice Cream, Key, Heart, Tree, Balloon, Crown and Bell. 

Once you have customised your wrapping paper to your liking, it will then give you a preview of what your design will look like. For Valentine’s Day, I went for a simple red background with rainbow font saying ‘I love you’ with a heart symbol but I reckon you lot reading this can be much more creative than me. When you’ve completed your design you then have a choice of 1 sheet – £7.95, 3 sheets – £18.95 or 5 sheets – £29.95.

If you fancy treating yourself to some personalised gift wrap whether that’s for Valentine’s Day, a certain birthday or celebration then feel free to use july18val to receive 10% off your whole order.

The wrapping paper has always arrived quite quickly despite how busy the post can be at times. It arrives nicely rolled up in a triangular package with gift tags and a silver gel pen. As I mentioned earlier, I think it’s just the small touches like this that makes giving gifts that little bit more special. I still have plenty of ‘Happy Birthday Noel’ wrapping paper left for his birthday this year.

Have you ever used Pretty Gifted before? I would love to know what your opinion is on Valentine’s Day.

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*I was kindly paid to review the Pretty Gifted service by the team however this does not affect my opinion.