At the start of April, Alice from Alice’s Wonder Emporium and I headed down to Liverpool for the CarnLIVal blogging event that was co-hosted by the lovely Katy and Sam. The event was in aid of Student Minds and St Rocco’s Hospice. We had the choice to donate sanitary/hygiene products to those in need as well as paying a small fee for the tickets to attend which also ensured us a place and a raffle ticket.

Photo Credit: Hannah

The event was held at the Hope Street Hotel in Liverpool. On the outside, it looked as though it would be home to celebrities. I felt a little out of my comfort zone but thank god I had Alice there to support me all the way. We were led up to the event space on one of the top floors. It had a balcony with panoramic views of the city. You could even see as far as Wales! It was not until then when I realised how far south we had actually travelled. The view was beautiful; blue skies with not a cloud in sight and the skyline of Liverpool’s buildings.

Katy and Sam filled the room with confetti filled balloons and other small details. They even created a SnapChat filter for the special occasion that I took advantage of. There was a photo booth, a table where we could take part in the poetry competition that I actually won, an Easter Egg hunt and the chance to buy prizes from the Naughty and Nice bags. It was nice to share all the fun with not only Alice but the friends that I made at the event; Emily, Hannah and Hannah, who made us feel so welcome.

Charlotte, the executive sales manager, took groups on a tour of the hotel. Oh my, if you get a chance to stay at the Hope Street Hotel then I would highly recommend it! They had a lovely penthouse with a huge balcony looking over the whole of Liverpool. It’s modern and up to date with many unique rooms each with its own character. Famous guests such as Hugh Grant and Condoleezza Rice has stayed at the hotel as well. The prices start from £89pn right up to £495pn for one of the suites.

After the tours were over, there was a quick speech from Deborah Morgan who wrote Disappearing Home. She talked about how she found her passion in life and how it wasn’t what she had expected. She inspired me to never give up and always go for the thing that you want the most.

Before leaving, the raffle prizes were announced. Everyone won something which I really liked. I was luckily enough to bag a set of nine Makeup Geek lipsticks which are all shades that I would have picked anyway. My particular favourite is Soccer Mom as it is such a lovely peachy shade for the Summer months. As we were leaving, Katy and Sam handed out two huge bags full of snacks and beauty/skincare products. We left feeling spoilt rotten! Katy and Sam have really pushed the boat out when it comes to blogging events and I think the North East has something to live up to.

Alice, Hannah and I went to grab some food before catching our trains home. We went to a restaurant called The Italian Club; it was a family run restaurant with beautiful decor and the service wasn’t too bad. I had the Valterino pizza which had goat’s cheese, sundried tomatoes and pesto – it was delicious!

I would like to say a huge thank you to Katy and Sam for hosting such an amazing event!

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