Someday I am hoping they will invent a feature where you can smell scents through a computer. Now that would be pretty cool don’t you think?! For now, I am just going to explain to you my favourite scents through the Christmas season, in the best way I can possible so bare with me on this. While I am desperate to try one of the famous Yankee Candle Christmas scents, yes I know I am behind on the bandwagon, I have managed to pick up two of my favourites which are so inexpensive and made for student prices.

Glade Candle in Blackberry Frost (pictured) is certainly a more fresh fruit scent compared to the others which I am going to share with you. When it’s burning you can smell the blackberry coming out of the fragrance but with a more cooler atmosphere than some of the other wintery ones available on the market. I quite like burning this one in the morning whilst getting ready as it makes the room feel a lot more fresh and awake. 

Sainsbury’s Candle in Christmas Spice is a classic Christmas candle with lifting warm scents such as cinnamon and dried orange peel. Personally, I love relaxing in the bath, reading a book while this one is burning. It makes the room feel a lot less cold and produce relaxing scents for you to feel calm. 

Christmas Trees are probably the best scent for me. I think the smell of fresh Christmas trees just screams festivity to me. Even though you will probably find little bits of tree trailing through the house for two weeks after getting it delivered. If anyone knows of a candle with a similar scent, please tell me because I am sure I would love it!